CMW Flower Essences

CMW has a range of flower essences that can assist in mental and emotional balance; vital parts of our wellbeing.  With the stresses of life we all experience, flower essences are given to assist people with rebalancing their mental/emotional/physical selves.

CMW Flower Essences are offered in conjunction with acupuncture treatment if a need is identified and the client wishes to utilise them.  They are there to help people process a number of issues of concern that may be holding them back from their truer state of self.  These specially chosen and original remedies can offer help with a range of issues.  The following information explains the different areas where CMW Flower Essences can be of assistance:

Trouble digesting and organising information (be it intellectual, or a current life experience). Or, to better process previously difficult life events that may have had an effect on the subconscious mind, possibly effecting current life.  This can happen when the issue was too challenging for the conscious mind to deal with at the time of the event/s.  This can commonly occur during childhood.

Help in letting go of what we no longer need so we feel less stuck and bogged down in the old, and can make room for the new.  This is about discernment, when one needs to decipher between the things they do and don’t need and what one allows into their life for their greater good (whether it’s material things, other people or certain experiences).  It’s also for those who “take on too much” in their daily lives. Additionally, life can bring about circumstances where we lose somebody or something important to us, and flower essence that addresses this area can assist with the emotions of sadness and grief due to the loss that is involved.  This pertains to loss that is current, or emotions from losses of the past.

Difficulties connected with ‘planning’, which covers a complexity of issues, whether it be: lacking the vision for plans, feeling a lack of direction, easily side tracked, feeling stuck, feeling like a failure from perceived lack of achievement, high ideals and/or perfectionism, judgement and rigidity towards others and/or oneself, frustration or anger that things aren’t going or haven’t gone to plan, regret, blame, trying to control the plans of others, as well as an inflexibility to change.  This flower essence can also help a person to enjoy the ‘journey’ of the plan or goal, while softening any excessive focus and expectation on the outcome.  It can help us to better ‘go with the flow’ .

Fears and phobias can be debilitating.  Flower essence that addresses the area of fears and/or phobias can promote a positive shift in fears.  It also helps with the cleansing of negative situations and emotions  from ones life that don’t serve one’s best interests and foster self growth.  Additionally, it can be used in an acute situation when a persons emotions are overwhelming them and are in a state of fear or panic.  It can help to calm a person and bring them closer to a state of equilibrium.


Matters of the heart are important matters indeed.  This area addresses the emotions of people who feel they are lacking joy and that ‘spark’ in their life.  It can offer assistance with a ‘broken heart’.  It helps to process the emotions of unworthiness which brings feelings of being undeserving or ‘not good enough’ in any manner of things (e.g. having a loving partner, a meaningful job, monetary wealth, a safe and comfortable home, loving family and friends, or perhaps new experiences and adventure).  This is about exploring what it is the heart desires, and feeling truly worthy to travel the pathway there.  It’s also about believing the pathway exists.  It may also be about lost dreams and what that feels like, and being able to forge new paths forward.  This is an area of our lives where we explore our beliefs about how ‘dreams do come true’, and what is possible for us.

If you
are interested in what CMW Flower Essences may offer you, you are invited to book an acupuncture appointment as they are currently complimentary to this service.  This gives you a full consultation and assistance with how CMW Flower Essences can best benefit you.

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