About Flower Essences

Flower essences work on our mental, emotional and spiritual selves.  They date back centuries where they have been used in places such as China, India and by Australian aboriginals and other native cultures of the world.  In more recent times it has been Dr Edward Bach of England who’s been well known for his work with flower essence remedies, and largely responsible for their influence in the modern western world where they have been used extensively.  

Edward Bach, born in 1886, was a medical doctor who conducted research into vaccines.  Through his research, he became frustrated with how doctors must focus on disease in isolation and ignore the person as a whole.  He was looking for a more holistic approach which, through a series of events in his career, eventually lead him to leave his modern medical approach to health care and work with homeopathy.  This then lead him to creating flower essence remedies where his life became devoted to a new system of medicine which he was certain was to be found in nature.  He passed in 1936 at 50 years of age but, during his time working with flower essences, he developed 38 flower essence remedies which are still in high demand to this day.

What are they and how do they work?  Flower essences are taken internally in a liquid form and are considered a vibrational medicine or energy medicine.  It is the energetic ‘imprint’ of a plant which is seen to have the influence on a person.  How can this happen?  Before going into how it is they are made, a large part of the answer comes with understanding that energy and matter are essentially the same thing and always exist together, as shown by Albert Einstein with e=mc².  It is a fact that plants behave differently from one another and when we identify with this fact from our knowledge of them and their obvious variations in physical appearance, then it also makes sense that their energies, which exist with their physical self, behave somewhat differently from one another too.  As with the aforementioned e=mc², this is considering the direct relationship between energy and the physical.

It is the physical and behavioural characteristics of plants which often leads to some of them being chosen for flower essence remedies so that we may experience healing from their energetic component (rather than their more physical form as in raw medicinal herbs).  A plants physical appearance and function gives us clues about its more energetic self and how it may help us. It is this subtle energetic form that is considered to influence our mental/emotional/spiritual states.

• Physical/chemical components of a plant (raw medicinal herb)  →   stronger effect on the

                                                                                                                           physical body                                                

  • Energetic component of a plant  →  effect on the less tangible aspects of a person


The individual characteristics recognised in a plant and chosen for use are referred to as the “doctrine of signatures” of that plant.  This terminology not only refers to the characteristics of a plant but is also inclusive of those same characteristics similarly found in humans.  Ancient Chinese wisdom has always recognised the vital link between humans and nature, as humans are a component of their natural environment and a reflection of it.  By introducing a particular plants vibrational frequency to the human body, flower essences are considered to adjust our own energetic frequencies back into one of a more natural state of balance, promoting harmony within, just as it exists within the natural world where we exist.  Flower essences work on the premise that “like heals like”. 

How are they made?  Flowers are not only beautiful, but they are a potent aspect of a plant which holds the potential for further life of that species. They are a magnificent genetic manifestation of a plant and strong representation of it.  When creating flower essences, flowers are chosen to transfer the energetic ‘imprint’ of the plant into a remedy to assist people.  Water is chosen as the medium to do that. 

Water is an important medium for life.  It’s found everywhere on Earth and wherever it flows or exists, you can be sure to find life.  As an example, when a human embryo forms and develops, it is surrounded by the amniotic sac that is often referred to as the “bag of waters”.  It is the function of water that has also lead to NASA’s motto in the search for life beyond earth as, “follow the water”.

In addition to playing a vital role in creating and maintaining life, water is believed to be a strong holding medium for various frequencies of energy.  In a more tangible sense, we can see how it does this by being a conductor of electricity which is a form of energy.  In a more understated sense, we may see how water conducts more subtle forms of energy through the amazing work of Masaru Emoto whose discoveries have shown the effects of words, prayer, music and particular surroundings on water by photographing water crystals and their response to these various stimuli. Everything is made up of energy and the fluidity of water seems to move with these energetic patterns that influence it.

The final ingredient is sunlight.  It is used to impart the energetic frequency of the flower, into the water.  To do this, flowers are placed in a clear glass or crystal bowl filled with clean spring water.  The bowl is placed in the sun for at least 3 hours.  Light is important as the carrier of information and we wouldn’t have life on earth without the sun.  Light travels and carries information to our eyes and brains from the outside world so that we can understand images and what is happening around us.  Similarly, with creating flower essence remedies, sunlight can be regarded as being the carrier of information from the flowers to the water.  The water then holds that energetic code of information from the plant and an essence is formed.

 After several hours, the flowers are removed with a natural object such as a twig or leaf (preferably from the same plant) so that we don’t interfere by touching the flowers or the water with our own hands.  At this point, the flower essence water can be strained off through a clean strainer into a clean glass bowl if desired. 

The essence is then bottled with alcohol (often brandy), in equal parts to preserve the essence which can last several years (at least three).  It can be stored in a clean glass jar or dropper bottle and this is called the ‘mother essence’ or tincture.  A ‘stock bottle’ is then formed by adding spring water and brandy to a 15ml dropper bottle at a ratio of ²/₃ brandy and ¹/₃ spring water.  Seven drops of the mother essence is added to the stock bottle mixture.  Lastly, a separate ‘dosage bottle’ is then made, also in a 15ml dropper bottle, which is ¾ spring water and ¼ brandy.  Seven drops of the stock bottle are added to the dosage bottle.  Both the stock and dosage bottle are of the same ingredients as the mother tincture, only their proportions differ.  Finally, it is the dosage bottle that a person uses to take the flower essence.  This is done by taking 7 drops under the tongue day and night for approximately two weeks, until the bottle is finished.  To keep the dropper clean, do not touch the dropper anywhere to the mouth.


Plants have an extraordinary influence on our lives.  They are life-giving as they offer us oxygen, food, shelter, medicine’s, and the clothes that protect us.  They have an astounding number of uses and benefits that enrich our world, and flower essences are one of the ways in which many people have discovered plants can help them make changes to their life. 

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